Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Discussion Questions from your Mentor

The Fastest Ball Challenge

1. What is the angle of inclination that gives the shortest travel time in Challenge 1 and 2? From our experiment, our group has gotten 30 degrees for Challenge 1 and 27 degrees for Challenge 2. However, the professor in charge of the experiment has collected his results and they are 32 degrees. So, our results are incorrect.

2. What precautions have you taken in order to ensure consistency of your results? We ensured that we put our photogates at the same place throughout the whole experiment and that the ball is released from the same height in the same way.

Extraction of Caffeine from Beverages

1. Now you have extracted caffeine what techniques can you use to characterize your compound and make sure you have caffeine? By using the infrared machine, we can check the different points of our compound and make sure that the points of caffeine are in our compound. This allows us to make sure that we have caffeine.

2. How would you prepare decaffeinated coffee that is fit to drink?  By using water processing, this process employs water as the solvent to remove caffeine from the coffee beans. Typically a battery extraction process using eight to 12 vessels is employed; each vessel contains coffee at a different stage of decaffeination.

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